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Design and Branding


Our in-house team create ideas and turn them into reality, spanning all areas of production from conception to delivery. Our talented designers, copywriters, and developers produce online and offline content that engage consumers on whatever their device or channel.


Our social media and SEO team place your content directly in front of the eyes of your target audience. Combining content strategy and technical know-how for optimal results & enhanced customer experience.


we create a reference book for the storytellers, designers, and marketers charged with communicating your brand


The investment made in creating your identity often needs to be safeguarded and proactively maintained. After creating your logo and collaborating with you to develop a brand vision and strategy, we can create a Brand Guidelines Document, to ensure that your branding is properly executed across other platforms and isn’t diluted. It can be used by both: Exterior designers or suppliers, and in-house staff.

Logo Design & Brand Identity


Your brand identity is much more than just a logo. Brand identity has been proven time and again to be the foundation for customer recognition, preference, and loyalty. At Avantgarde we look at the full picture and help you develop a brand identity to support your logo design that will grow with your company.

To support your identity design we build a comprehensive, yet easy to implement visual brand guideline. This will help your team understand how to keep your branding consistent as your company develops and keep your logo instantly identifiable with your audience in any application.


Our expertise includes the following key services:


  • Brand Signature – The Logo
  • Brand Identity – Visual Brand (Design and Brand Look & Feel)
  • Packaging Design – Concept, Shape Dev, and Artwork
  • Brand guidelines
  • Design for print
  • Banners and signage design