Training Services

Advanced Monitoring & Evaluation – 5 DAYS


Strategic planning
Policy management
Legal review
Financial planning
Programme and project management
Performance management
Monitoring and evaluation

Advanced Project Management Course – 5 DAYS


Take your project experience, knowledge, and management abilities to a higher level. If you have already completed our basic course in project management or have 2 or more years’ experience of working on projects, this course is for you. Y

Data and Record Management – 2 DAYS


This course covers all aspects of record and data management related to understanding the processes involved, the guidelines that apply, the steps that need to be taken, best practice examples and easy reference templates for use, storage and retrieval of data.

 Broad-ranging Office Management Training – 1 DAY


The aim of this course is to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities for being an effective  and efficient office administrator. This course is suitable for office administrators, admin clerks or office managers.

Operations Management Training – 2 DAYS


This learning programme is intended for all persons who need to develop, implement and evaluate an operational plan. It is designed for people who work in the field of operations management.

Performance Management – 2 DAYS


The practice of performance management reveals that being busy is not the same thing as producing results. It also shows us that training, strong commitment and plenty of hard work alone, do not amount to results. Performance Management redirects our efforts from busyness toward effectiveness.

Quality and Customer Service Training – 2 Days


The broad aim of this course is to introduce participants to key knowledge, attitudes and skills pertaining to Service Excellence and Quality in the work environment.

Technical Report Writing Skills – 3 Days


This course aims at people who need to improve their report writing skills and equip participants with the knowledge, skills and capabilities for professional technical writing. It equips participants with the skills to gather data, collate the data and then draw up a highly professional and accurate technical report.