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How is your Brand Embracing Digital Marketing?

Your Image Drives Results

Avantgarde believe that amongst the many other factors that contribute to your company’s lucrativeness, the ultimate factor is your image!  


Your Image Drive Results! In other words, it’s the image of the company that also makes a ultimate impression amongst its competitors. It is not the company that communicates the most, which attracts the most customers; it is instead the company that communicates more effectively that leads the resounding victory. An Intricate Image will always inspire the greatest results.


This solemn belief is what has propelled Avantgarde as an Elite Media Studio, because they focus heavily on the effective and qualitative communication aspect of each project for all their clients. Through Avantgarde’s maintenance of high standards and quality services, they have executed a wealth of remarkable project achievements for many companies. 


It’s your company’s image that will make a resounding difference amongst your competitors!

What We Do

Transform the way you Advertise 


The field of Graphic Design has involve tremendously. The heights and depts of creativity that now exist, compare to few years ago, contrast immeasurably. As the vastness of imagination has grown, so has the right tools been develop to perfectly execute any given task.


So it it now time to transform your advertisement vehicle and incorporate the most effective designs that has been prominently known to harness the most effective reception and results, today. The atmosphere of Marketing has invariably depended heavily how one can incorporate all vital elements of effective communication. 


Graphic Design has therefore become an invaluable asset for every company in the market place today.


With the ideal tools and professional graphic design services available at Avantgarde, we can become that driving force of your company’s Graphic Design needs. With our highly trained and well experience employee, you can guarantee, not only great productions, but also on time services.  

Communicate Your Excellence


Corporate Branding is a whole new level of Marketing and in order for the communication aspect to be effective, it has to be done well, for it to be effective. It will involve necessary components such as the right skilled people doing it, using to perfect tools to do it, and executing it in the right areas of the public.


Corporate Branding primarily refers to the art of promoting a brand or brand(s) of a corporate company, of which is very different from promoting a corporate’s product and services.


Corporate Branding can be extremely difficult at occasion. Having the right people perform these important task for you is extremely imperative of your marketing success of the Corporate Branding, and this is where Avantgarde, can play a invaluable role in the progressive achievements of your corporate branding.

Raising the Bar


Many companies want to enter into the competitive arena of the world wide web, but doesn’t have the know how or technology to do so. If this is you, then you have stop by at the right place at the right time.  


Avantgarde provides the best web solutions in the market today, with added benefits of effective marketing tools and ideas to propel your company’s image forward. With the unique integration of various available tools that will be at your disposal, your company will be able to make more connections with new customers, and build customers convenience, confidence and awareness of your company’s products and services. 


This will intern raise the bar and standard of your company to a level beyond imagination and expectation. Are you ready to step forward and make progressive changings to build your company’s imagine? Feel free to contact us, by clicking here. 

A Digital Transformation


Social Media is transforming the way people are spending most of the time and engagement in activities on daily basis, all over the world.

The good part about it, is that social media has already done the job of hosting nearly all age groups, cultures, race, and people with other form of unique backgrounds; this therefore makes the social media arena, the perfect area to exercise marketing tactics to build company awareness and rapport amongst new and existing customers.

Engage Your Digital Audience


Let us help you connect with your Fans via your Facebook fan page and/or your Youtube Channel. We will bring your events and professionally stream them live in HD. We can bring your event to life and have you reach your online audience who wasn’t able to attend your event. We have seen live engage skyrocket in this innovative way of streaming. Contact us so we can help you!

Empower your Team


Digital Training is vital for digital strategy, growth, and progression in the virtual world. Thousands of companies around the globe has taking great advantage of the virtual solutions that the internet has to offer, and this has therefore render many companies with rebust competitive edge in the digital market. 


Avantgarde has therefore hosted numerous digital trainings for their clients. These trainings are compact with fundamental topics such as Digital Marketing & Social Media, Content Building, Publishing Disciplines, Marketing effectiveness, and much more. 


These training is all about empowerment. It will equip your marketing team with right knowledge, skills and confidence needed to market more effectively. This will intern benefit the organization to have a competitive edge in the virtual world by reduce cost and boosting revenues through effective marketing. 

Seize the Moment


Pictures has always been known to tell many stories of a thousand words! It is the best way to capture memories and cease special moments that may never come again. Pictures is what you can use to tell your story!  


Avantgarde has invested heavily in its photo Studio department over the past couple years, and has been even more equip to cater to any photographical needs. They have the Best technology in the market today, to tailor your every need. Their product range from underwater photos, to areal photos, wildlife, travel, and much more. 


The Following are a few examples of photo samples, all captured by Avantgarde. 

  • Event
  • Underwater Photos  
  • Areal  
  • Land Scapes  
  • Wildlife 
  • Travel 
  • Baby 
  • Life

Your Story is Important. Let’s Share it!!!


Everyone has a story to tell! From the new born child, to the adult, from your new vibrant business, to your fully grown and  well-experiencebusinessevery one has a special story to share about themselves or a phenomenal product, to a self prescribed audienceWhether it be through an Advertisement, a documentary, a V-blog, promo video, and more, Avantgarde wants your story to be told. It is important to us, and we what to make it stand out and be as effective as possible


Avantgarde has all the necessary tools to produce your most powerful videos your company will ever create. Avantgarde is committed to excellence from start to finish! We have been well known to produce remarkable productions for many large companies! 


With the Best tools available, you can now tell that perfect story 

Advisory & Consulting


Avantgarde Advisory is a niche corporate and commercial law advisory which is responsible for company law, company secretarial, corporate governance, legal compliance and consulting services to a number of enterprises (private and public sectors) throughout the Republic of South Africa.  It is proud of its reputation for timely and professional service and support, based on the highest level of integrity. Avantgarde clients can benefit from Avantgardes’:  


  • Integrity and professionalism;
  • Highly experienced, motivated employees; 
  • A wide network and database;
  • A library of intellectual property to assist clients with their business and management requirements; 
  • The requisite knowledge of and or experience in compliance and legal advisory; and 
  • Peace of mind.  


At Avantgarde, we work as a team creating a support base to ensure the best solution and service is offered to our clients.  We have a core team that is there to support our clients and to ensure continuity and also work with a network of specialised professionals for more complex engagements where we are able to provide clients with a full suite offering on a multi-dimensional basis. 

Some of our clients


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